Fairview Park Playground

Fairview Park Playground

Location: 20468 122 Avenue, Maple Ridge

Parking: Ample street parking along 122 Avenue.


  • Climber for school-aged children - including twisty slide, lots of different monkey bars and twisty pole.
  • Climber for preschoolers - including stairs, tunnel, two side-by-side "bumpy" slides, ladders, steering wheel and tic-tac-toe.
  • Fenced tennis court, basketball court, soccer field and baseball diamond.  However, I'm not sure what is technically on school property and what is public.  

Shade: Some - there are larger evergreen trees throughout the park.  Depending on the time of day the playground is shaded.

Seating: There is a bench near the preschool climber.

Toilets / Facilities: None.

Ground Cover: Bark mulch / wood chips.

Surrounding Area: Fairview Park backs onto Fairview Elementary School and Maple Ridge Christian School yards.  There is a short pathway through the trees and into the school fields which seemed popular with local dog walkers.  There is an additional playground at Fairview School which includes a dome climber,  a play structure with double-slide, a small balance course, monkey bars and about eight regular swings.  The ground cover in the school playground varies between gravel and bark mulch.

Child Review (2 years old):  
K loved the bumpy slides!!  She probably went down them each 20 times.  She also liked peeking through the holes in the tunnel and practicing using the ladder with my help.  

Parent Review:  
This park is within walking distance of our home so I have to admit I'm a bit biased towards it for convenience's sake.  I love the big trees in this park - it is our go to for a quick playground visit on a hot day.  The play equipment isn't really the greatest but it was entertaining enough for us to stay for over two hours (it was a gorgeous spring afternoon so that may have had something to do with it).  I love it how the preschool play structure is accessible by a staircase‚Ķ mostly because I'm lazy and can watch K play  from the bench without having to help her to the slides.  One downside to this park is that there are no baby swings and the regular swings are on school property.

Overall Rating: Good - particularly great on a hot day when you need some shade but the play equipment could use an upgrade.  Nice spot for an afternoon picnic!

  • Welcome to Fairview Park!
  • Fairview Park preschool climber
  • Fairview Park preschool climber
  • Fairview Park school-aged climber.
  • Fairview Park tennis court, basketball court. soccer field and baseball field.
  • Fairview Elementary School playground

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