Birthday Party Guide – Venues

Birthday Party Guide – Venues

I'll be the first to admit that hosting a child's birthday party can be a time consuming, and frankly, dreaded task!  I don't know, and honestly I don't want to know, how many hours I spent last year working out a theme, choosing a venue, creating a guest list, preparing food, assembling treat bags, etc. etc. for my daughter's 2nd (yes, second!) birthday party.  To top it all off on the morning of her party my husband rolled his eyes at my frantic, panicky, last-minute behaviour and stated, "You do realize that she's not even going to remember this, right?".  I shamefully hung my head in defeat, "Uhh... yep".  And there it was!  The moment that I vowed to myself that I would never again let a child's birthday party stress me out.  

I know that I am not the only one who shudders as my child's birthday approaches... There has got to be a more efficient way than every one of us parents enduring a lengthy research and planning process once (or, likely, two or more times) per year.  Enter - The Kids in the Ridge Birthday Party Guide!  

This post includes part one - PARTY VENUES!.... and holy smokes, there are far more options than I could have imagined.  Thirty-three (!) to be exact.  Whatever happened to the options consisting of Chuck E Cheese or bowling?..  Or more often than not - our backyards!

Part two will be coming soon-ish (depending upon whether or not my overdue baby decides to exit the womb!) and will include entertainment, supplies, food and party planners.  

Before you get started with the planning process, do yourself a favour and repeat after me: "I will keep it simple.  I will not care if the paper plates for my child's teenage mutant ninja turtle themed party turn out to be yellow instead of green.  I will not drive all over the Lower Mainland to locate the last package of Frozen themed pencil toppers.  I will not spend more money on my child's party than I spent on my own wedding."

Happy Party Planning!


Just Ducky - themed party room rentals.

Little Savages & Bippity Boppity  - princess parties.

Maple Ridge Leisure Centre - playroom rental.

The Village Space - playroom rental, extras available.


MyGym Maple Ridge - hosted gymnastics.

Yuen's Karate - hosted karate.

JoJo's Playzone - free play gymnastics / playroom.

Maple Ridge Leisure Centre - free play gymnasium or pool party.

Pitt Meadows Recreation Centre - free play gymnasium.

Quantum Gymnastics - hosted gymnastics.

Latin Flavours Fitness - zumba-themed.

Revs Bowling - bowling.

Celestina Popa Gymnastics - hosted gymnastics.

Planet Ice - public or private skating.

Pitt Meadows Arena - public or private skating.

The Rock Wall Climbing Gym - climbing.

Jungle Jac's - free play gymnastics / activity centre.


WildPlay! Element Park - outdoor obstacle course.

Maple Ridge Parks & Leisure - skateboarding.

Honeyland Canada - bee education & candle making.

Krystal Creek Riding - horseback riding.

Meadow Ridge Stables - horseback riding.

Hylee Training - horseback riding.

Leghorn Ranch  - pony rides.

Maple Ridge Paintball - paintball.

Maple Ridge Park - playground and splash park.

Harris Road Park - playground and splash park.


4Cats Art Studio - various hosted art parties.

Michael's Craft Store - various hosted crafting parties.

The Create Shop - various hosted pottery activities.

Meadowtown Cineplex - movie and party room.

Hollywood3 Cinema - movie and party room.

Pitt Meadows Museum - historical themed.

If you want your business featured in this list or in Part Two of the guide please send a message or leave a comment.  


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