Boundary Park Playground

Boundary Park Playground

Location: 201 Street, between Telep Avenue and 123 Avenue (see map below).

  • Climber for school aged children - including straight slide, twisty slide, climbing wall, stool ladder, stairs, ladder, and twisty pole.
  • Climber for preschoolers - including stairs, two slides, ladder, twisty pole and gear play area.
  • Swings - one baby, three regular.
  • Series of 4 small stools.

Shade: None.
Seating: Two benches in playground, additional benches in surrounding park.
Toilets / Facilities: None.
Ground Cover: Bark mulch / wood chips
Surrounding Area: Short paved walking path; Basketball court; Small open field with beginners toboggan "hill" (also popular for rolling down).
Child Review (2 years old):  
On this particular visit K's favourite was "the swing!"  Although the "big (twirly) slide" was a close second.  
Parent Review:  
This park is within walking distance of our home so I have to admit I'm a bit biased towards it for convenience's sake.  Being the parent of a preschooler I really enjoy that even the large climber is accessible for little children.  There is a staircase leading up to it and none of the platforms are too high.  We have seen kids of all ages enjoying this playground and the surrounding area.  Nothing about the park is super unique but there is enough variety to keep kids entertained for quite a while.  We've seen kids learning to ride their bike in the basketball court and along the gently sloping path surrounding the park.  Airplanes are almost constantly in the sky over this park so if your child is fascinated with them, like mine is, that provides some extra entertainment.  The fact that people bring their dogs to this park is a bit of a catch 22: K loves watching them but sometimes owners allow them off-leash within the playground, which, as a parent, is a bit irritating.
Overall Rating: Very Good - it's not the 'bees knees' but it is a great place to spend the afternoon.

  • Boundary Park Playground - large climber
  • Boundary Park Playground - small climber
  • Boundary Park Playground
  • Boundary Park Playground - small climber
  • Boundary Park Playground -swings
  • Boundary Park Playground - field and basketball court

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