Kanaka Creek Regional Park – Riverfront Trail

Kanaka Creek Regional Park – Riverfront Trail

Location: 23272 River Road, Maple Ridge (map)


Kanaka Creek Regional Park is a large, linear park in east Maple Ridge.  This review covers the riverfront trail which is located at the confluence of the Fraser River and Kanaka Creek.  There are washroom facilities and a small information board located in the parking lot.  From the parking lot head left on the wide gravel trail.  Along the trail you will find a large lookout platform with three levels - perfect for birdwatching or taking in the scenery.  If you're keen on bird watching bring your binoculars! 

Continue along the gravel path towards the Fraser River and at the fork take the trail to the right.  (The trail to the left is also beautiful and is about 500 m long.  It dead ends at an industrial area.) As you can see in this map, the nature trail loop is a flat, 1 km long trail with firm ground.  It circles a gorgeous oxbow lake which is home to many different species of waterfowl.  The views of the Fraser River from the bridge are stunning.  It's a great place to look for river wildlife, birds and boats.  The walk is an easy one which makes it perfect for all abilities.  If you have a reasonable stroller you'd probably do just fine here.

There are some benches and picnic tables throughout the area which makes it a wonderful location for an afternoon picnic.

One of our favourite coincidences about this walk is that it's super close by to Bruce's Market (located at Lougheed Highway and 240th Street).  It's a great, local seafood market (plus so much more!) which serves up one of the most delicious lunches in Ridge Meadows!  The seafood chowder is second to none, the sandwiches are loaded with fresh produce and the lunch special is only $7.99.  On the day we visited it included a generous portion of freshly caught, glazed salmon, rice, salad and a biscuit.  You can't make it at home for that price!  OH, and don't say I didn't warn you about the tempting, drool-worthy dessert window.  It's nearly impossible to pass by.

Child Review (2 years old):  
My daughter enjoyed throwing rocks off the lookout platform into the lake... until she accidentally tossed one of her little plastic animals in! 😉  She also liked listening to the many birds, ducks and geese.

Shade: Very minimal.

Seating: There are a few benches along the pathway and some picnic tables scattered throughout the area.

Toilets / Facilities: Flushing toilets in the parking lot!  Woohoo!  Additional outhouse style facilities are located along the nature loop trail.  There is a canoe launch near the parking lot side of the trail.

Pathway: The riverfront trail is very wide and gravel which is stroller and bike friendly.  The nature loop is hard-packed ground which is likely stroller friendly but bikes are not permitted.

Dogs - Allowed on leash.

Overall Rating: Very Good - great scenery and a lovely, easy walking trail.  Great for bird lovers!

  • Welcome to Kanaka Creek Regional Park!
  • Kanaka Creek from viewing platform
  • Gorgeous views
  • Wide, gravel trail which leads towards the narrower nature loop.
  • Viewing platform - perfect for birdwatching!
  • Gravel trail along the Fraser River.
  • Washroom facilities near parking lot.


  1. This is a really unique walking trail with lots of wood platforms. Thanks for the bit about Bruce’s – pretty much my fav place in the ridge. Just wanted to warn that depending on the year, this place is a mosquito heaven by July. So take it this walk more in spring.

    • Thanks for the heads up on the mosquitos, Monique! Since we’re on the west-end this one isn’t on our “regular” list.


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