Maple Ridge Park

Maple Ridge Park

Location: 232 Street and 132 Avenue, Maple Ridge (see map below).

Parking: There are two parking lots off 232 Street, just south of 132 Avenue and another parking lot on 132 Avenue, just east of 232 Street.  It can be tough to find parking on hot summer days, especially in the late morning / early afternoon.


  • A splash park with two areas - one appropriate for toddlers, the other for "big kids".
  • Climber for school-aged children (5-12) including a very tall slide!
  • Climber for toddlers (2-5).
  • A large, tall, netted merry-go-round.
  • A large climbing wall structure.
  • Various teeter-totters, including a four person one which is safe for toddlers.
  • Various ride on toys (trucks, animals, etc.).
  • A digger in a sand box.
  • Several balance obstacle course type structures.
  • Two swing sets - one with 3 baby swings and three regular swings, the other with two regular swings.
  • Several horseshoe pits near the parking lot off 132 Ave.
  • A treed walking trail along the Alouette River with many places to stop and throw rocks.  I have seen kids in the shallower parts of the water here but I wouldn't recommend it as the rocks are very slippery and the water can be moving quite quickly.

Shade: The playground is quite shaded which can make it a bit cool in the morning.  The splash park is not shaded.

Seating: Many benches and picnic tables throughout the park.

Toilets / Facilities: 

  • Four non-flushing toilets (out houses).  
  • A water fountain in the spray park area.  
  • A covered picnic table area.
  • Several non-covered picnic tables and benches around the park.

Ground Cover: Bark mulch / wood chips (main playground).  Sand (small playground area).  Asphalt (splash park).  Gravel pathway with some protruding roots.  Grass fields.

Surrounding Area: There is an equestrian centre across 232 Street so it's fun to go over and watch the horses, which are often practicing jumping or roping.  Just be careful crossing the street as there is no marked crosswalk.  Also, watch your children around the horses - some of the ones we've seen haven't been very friendly.

Child Review (2 years old):  
On this particular visit K's favourite was by far the merry-go-round.  I can't blame her - there aren't many around!

Parent Review:  
As a parent I absolutely love this park.  There really is something for everyone and we have had fun here during all kinds of weather conditions.  This visit our morning at the park included spending time on the playground, particularly the merry-go-round, four person teeter-totter and swings.  Then we headed over to the river's edge to throw rocks and pinecones.  K dreamt of the different types of animals that may be living in the water (it might be a while before we see an alligator! 😉 ).  We took a short walk along the riverside trail, ate a snack on a bench and headed over to watch some cowboys practice roping a mechanical calf.  We can't wait for the weather to warm up and the spray park to be operational (which happens around May long weekend).  I loved the spray park last year because K was just walking and the separate area for toddlers was awesome...  No big kids to knock her over or soak her with their water guns.

Overall Rating: The best!  This park has something for everyone and you can easily spend an entire summer day here.  Bring a picnic and some friends and enjoy!

  • Maple Ridge Park - large climber (ages 5-12)
  • Maple Ridge Park - balance obstacle course.
  • Maple Ridge Park - merry-go-round.
  • Maple Ridge Park - splash park.
  • Maple Ridge Park - splash park toddler area
  • Maple Ridge Park - climbing wall structure.
  • Maple Ridge Park - toddler climber
  • Maple Ridge Park - toddler climber
  • Maple Ridge Park digging area (sand box).
  • Maple Ridge Park - four person teeter-totter.
  • Maple Ridge Park - spinning monkey bar and four person teeter-totter.
  • Maple Ridge Park - large swing set.
  • Maple Ridge Park second swing set.
  • Maple Ridge Park - toilets (non-flushing).
  • Maple Ridge Park - covered picnic area.
  • Maple Ridge Park - playing field and horseshoe pit areas (far side).
  • Maple Ridge Park - walking trail along Alouette River.
  • Alouette River
  • Maple Ridge Park - Alouette River - good for rock throwing!
  • Maple Ridge Park - one of several picnic areas.
  • Maple Ridge Park - picnic areas

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