Operation: 29th Birthday

Operation: 29th Birthday

This year I decided that I didn't want any gifts for my birthday.  Instead, I wanted to complete one random act of kindness for each year of my life.  With my daughter in tow, I set out to spread some love and happiness in our community.  

The 29 Acts:

1.  Left a bucket of tennis balls for the furry visitors at Jerry Sulina Dog Park.


2. Left a bucket of chalk and bubbles at our local playground.


3.  Posted a sign with free smiles on our mailbox.


4. Delivered treats to some very deserving nurses at Ridge Meadows Hospital.  


5. Picked up litter along the Fraser River at Shoreline Park.  Our findings were quite disturbing and a good reminder that we need to take better care of these precious ecosystems.  Mother Nature surprised us with 13 seals in the river - what a treat!


 6. Taped toonies in the toy aisle at the dollar store.


7. Left positive notes in bathroom stalls

  20140429_160356  20140429_160424 20140429_160411 

8. Taped coins onto a vending machine in the emergency room at the hospital.


 9. Placed a bucket of chalk and bubbles in the schoolyard just before recess. 


10. Handed out care packages to a couple of homeless people.  


11. Snuggled an older cat at the SPCA... and had a hard time leaving him (darn allergies!). 


12. Paid for the person behind us at Tim Hortons.   


13. Planted Forget-Me-Not seeds around memorial benches along a trail.


14. Delivered stickers, crayons and colouring books to the Paediatric Unit at Ridge Meadows Hospital.


15. Delivered treats to my husband's office.

16. Donated a large sack of food to Friends in Need Food Bank.

17. Put a treat and thank you note in the mailbox for our mail carrier.


18. I plan to donate my ponytail to Beautiful Lengths, a cause which creates real-hair wigs for cancer patients.  Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for photos of that!

19. Gave away a TV and DVD player to a child/family in need.  I've never met such appreciative people in my life!  I had to shoo them away before I started to cry!

 Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 2.17.51 PM

20. We offered to mow our neighbour's lawn while they are away on vacation.

21. Donated a big sack of clothes to the Cythera Thrift Store. 


22. Left a treat on the doorstep for our newspaper deliverers. (The next delivery they left us an adorable handmade thank you card!) 


23. Brought juice boxes to Strong Start - a program run by the school district for pre-school children.


24. Taped quarters to the "Ancient Chicken Candy" dispenser at a local hobby farm.


25. Donated dog and cat toys to Maple Ridge SPCA.  I was blown away by the dedication of the volunteers we met while visiting.  


26. Made a donation to Guide Dogs for the Blind.  And gave the dog a few hugs and kisses 😉


27. Left word search and sudoku books in the waiting area at our local hospital.


28.  Shared our birdseed with some other toddlers at a duck pond.

29. Hung out with an elderly couple and their dog along our favourite walking trail.  They claimed that we made their day but they made ours just as awesome.


My 29th birthday was by far my favourite one yet.  It was most certainly the most rewarding and fulfilling!

I encourage you all to spread some love!  A simple gesture could turn into something much, much bigger.  






  1. YOU. MAKE. ME. SOOO. PROUD!!!! <3

    • I love you, Momma! Thanks for always supporting my dreams.

  2. You have made me cry – with happiness and gratitude!
    May the sun always shine on you Cheryl xxx

    • Aw, thanks for your support, Amy!

  3. Sounds like a great day. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks, Lindsay! It was an awesome day!

  4. You are amazing! So inspiring! What a wonderful example for your little one. Happy birthday!

    • Thanks, Lara!

  5. YOU are amazing and inspiring and I love your ideas for r.a.k.’s! Your gifts are going to infect many more people to commit many more acts of kindness… what a beautiful epidemic! xo

  6. What a fun and wonderful thing to do for your birthday. So interesting to do with a toddler in hand. Hope your birthday was was as good for you as it was for all who enjoyed your surprises


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