Ridge Meadows Summer Bucket List

Ridge Meadows Summer Bucket List

Yippee!!!!  It is only THREE days until the official start of summer.  Bust out the bathing suits and beer cozies!

I find every year at this time I have about a bazillion goals for the summer and by the time the rain returns in the fall I am disappointed that I didn't manage to squeeze in a few more fun activities.  Well, that's not gonna happen this year!  I've got a baby due in October and I'll be damned if we don't make the most of our last few months of "freedom"!!  (No, the beer cozies aren't for me... sadly.)

So, here it is... our "Super-fun-and-awesome-local-activities-to-be-sure-not-to-miss-out-on-before-the-rain-sets-in" List.  Yup, our summer's gonna be as jam-packed as that title.

1. Rent a canoe and explore Widgeon Creek.

2. Complete Meadows Maze.

3. Pick organic blueberries at Formosa Farms

4. Splash in Maple Ridge Park.

5. Pitch in and clean up a local shoreline.

6. Cool off at an outdoor pool.

7. Hike to Gold Creek Falls.

8. Camp at  Golden Ears Provincial Park (must include s'mores!).

9. Savour a BBQ'd Hopcott steak.

10. Buy something local at Haney Farmer's Market.

11.  Dance in the streets at Caribbean Festival!

12. Indulge in gelato at Trevi.

13. Get my cowgirl on at Country Fest!

14. Choose my favourite bannock at the 1st Annual Aborignal Bannock Bake Off.

15. Take a stroll through Osprey Landing (Stomping Grounds iced coffee in hand, of course!)

16. Get our faces painted on Canada Day.  Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge have separate celebrations planned!

17. Take a sunset walk along one of our gorgeous dyke trails.  And perhaps feed some chickens along the way.

18. Search for famously huge tadpoles at Whonnock Lake.

19. Learn to milk a cow!

20. Catch a show at Bard on the Bandstand.

21. Learn about planes at Pitt Meadows Airport Day!

22. Chase my toddler around a playground.

23. Go bird watching at Pitt Lake.

24. Enjoy a free outdoor concert - Music on the Wharf or Lunchtime Concert Series.

25. Hike around Loon Lake and enjoy the serenity of UBC Malcolm Knapp Research Forest.

26. Cheer for my duck at the annual Rotary Duck Race!

27. Enjoy a "100 mile chicken sandwich" on The Big Feast's patio.

28. Cool off at Harris Road splash park.

29. Catch a fish in one of Ridge Meadow's gorgeous water bodies.

30. Enjoy a picnic at Allco Park.

31. Pop by Red Barn's farm gate sales and pick up some fresh veggies.

32. Paddle around Whonnock lake in a paddle boat.

33. Enjoy a salmon dinner at Bruce's Country Market.

34. Take a Bee Tour at Honeyland.

35. Enjoy scones on the porch at Golden Ears Cheese Crafters.


Up for the challenge?  You've got 90-ish days to pack it all in!  Ready, set,... GET OUTSIDE!




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