Volker and Laityview Playgrounds

Volker and Laityview Playgrounds

Location: 21113 123 Avenue, Maple Ridge

Parking: There is ample street parking along 123 Avenue.  It is easiest to reach both playgrounds (Volker and Laityview) from the 123 Avenue Volker Park entrance, rather than then Laityview school lot.  Volker Park is about a block east of Laityview.


  • Climber for preschoolers at Volker Park.
  • Swing set with two baby and two regular swings at Volker Park.
  • Climber for school-aged children at Laityview Elementary, which is a few hundred metres west of Volker Park.  

Shade: Not much.  There are some small trees within Volker Park.

Seating: There are two benches near the climber at Volker Park.

Toilets / Facilities: There is a water fountain near the dog park.  No toilets.

Ground Cover: Bark mulch / wood chips.

Surrounding Area: There is an off-leash dog park, which is fenced, and also some grass fields.

Child Review (2 years old):  
K liked the tunnel and the swings at Volker Park and the big slide, which her Daddy helped her up to, at Laityview.  

Parent Review:  

There is nothing particularly special about this park.  I found that the small climber in Volker Park left a lot to be desired.  K isn't big enough to use the ladder sections on it independently so she lost interest pretty quickly.  Swings are always great and the view of the Golden Ears from them is stunning.  

The Laityview playground would be fun for school-aged kids - although we saw a couple of three year old boys having an awesome time while we were there.  I think that one depends on how daring your kids (and you) are!  My hubby and I had fun seeing who could go further on the monkey bars… Because I know you're all dying to know - we were both awful at them! 

It was super entertaining watching all of the drama in the dog park.  Is it just me, or are dog parks always full of drama?  I'd rather take my kid to the playground any day! 😉

Overall Rating: This one's just okay.  Although it would be super handy if you had energetic dogs and kids - two birds with one stone?

  • Welcome to Volker Park!
  • Volker Park play structure
  • Volker Park swing set
  • Volker Park off-leash dog park
  • Laityview Elementary School play structure
  • Laityview Elementary School big slide!

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